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Specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine.


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Kabob House & Mouchak Sweets Reviews on Grubhub


2 reviews
Yesterday, we received 2 orders of Shag Paneer that arrived piping hot & perfect! We also ordered a Burger & Fries, that did come a little colder but still got the stamp of approval from the recipient.
In regards to people saying Kabob House delivery is arriving drastically late:
A previous order we made was a bit late (& somewhat sloppy with a little spillage). When we called to inquire, they apologized for the tardiness & explained they were slammed that day. Regardless of any slight negative experience, the food is so good... we didn't mind waiting the extra time. They even offered to give us a free meal next time we ordered to make up for the meal spillage.
You cannot beat the prices & the food is delicious! :) Thanks again, Kabob House!


3 reviews
Traveling from San Francisco to Detroit on business, I ordered a bunch of veg food delivered to my downtown hotel. Delivery took awhile, but the quality and value of the food made up for it. I eat a lot of Indian food, both in the US and India, and the food was far better than I would've ever expected from a little takeout place. For $30, I got a satisfying meal for three people, cooked with very fresh vegetables and freshly ground spices. Wow!


3 reviews
Super great food! We have ordered tandoori chicken, chicken vindaloo, butter chicken and tons of naan. The aloo paratha is really good and even their coffee is really good. Their samosas are becoming a favorite staple and the meat singaras are also really good. We've ordered several days in a row now from Kabob House and have been happy every time with the service and the food. :)


3 reviews
If you’re a spicy food lover, and you smile when you start sweating, then the vindaloo is where it’s at. Above and beyond delicious, dripping sweat from the spiciness, and you’re missing out if you don’t get the singara. Delicious every time, and super friendly.


2 reviews
The food was delicious! Delivery took a while, but it was worth the wait, and the food was piping hot. We ordered Chicken Tandoori, Garlic Naan, Butter Chicken, and Saag Paneer (which was more garlicky than were used to, but very yummy). We will be ordering from here again :)

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Kabob House & Mouchak Sweets Reviews on Seamless


2 reviews
Now that I've ordered from here several times: the food is consistently excellent and delivered on-time. They do no skimp on quality or quantity. Very happy this is a delivery option in Detroit


2 reviews
They are great!!

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